Welcome to Sitterhood! 

Motherhood can be isolating but you don’t have to do it alone. There are so many incredible support systems right in your own neighbourhood! 

Sitterhood helps you find support within your community by connecting you with Sitters, Home Daycares, Homeschooling Support, Doulas and more including The MILF (Mom I'd Like to Friend) Society! 

The MILF Society will connect you with the mom friend you wish you had. Someone who may not only live in your neighbourhood and have a baby close in age, but other common interests too. Powered by Moms Hamilton, we are looking to help bring moms a great day amidst current isolating times. Join our non-judgemental community of like-minded mamas and meet a new friend today! 

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Do you provide support services for families?

We currently have categories for Sitters, Home Daycares, Homeschooling Support, Doulas and a Support Service category which can include services such as therapy, counselling, cleaning, meal prep/delivery, fitness/movement, among others. Simply subscribe to one of our plans, set-up a listing under one of these categories and our users will be able to connect with you through our platform. 

Have questions? Email us at info@sitterhood.ca