Information about Sitterhood


Every family has a superpower. We’ve adapted our platform into an accessible (free!) space to nurture human relationships between families through this uneasy chapter. At this time Sitterhood will function as a social networking platform that offers uplifting experiences that unite you with other families, educators, caregivers, and community members, and fill the void that so many of us are feeling as we fall into the new normal of social distancing. 

While human contact is out of the question, human connection CAN be stronger than ever. 

We are so excited to share this concept – an opportunity for our community to come together, share knowledge, share talents, educate, and continue doing the things that offer us purpose + belonging. 

So, what does it look like?
You can now build a profile for VIRTUAL PLAY DATES that invites other parents + their little ones to connect with you online in whatever video/distance capacity you decide on comfortably. But, it doesn’t stop at hangouts for families – we’re extending our platform to other members of the community who connect with parents + families in an educational/social space, and who can offer enriching experiences through video. 


Play games (think charades, pictionary, I spy…), host singalongs, share your family’s favourite books to read, build new friendships with parents near + far, share + learn cooking skills from around the world, offer kids the chance to connect with kids while you chill out on the sidelines – do what makes you feel good, and allows you to build a nurturing, compassionate community from wherever you’re at.


For those who have worked or currently work in childcare or daycare providers, circle time, reading, singalongs, and group activities can still flourish in the virtual world!  


Teachers + tutors are invited to join as a means to provide online academic help in their grade/subject, including music lessons! We all understand the value of continuing to provide our kids with academic stimulus, even on a casual basis. This also offers children the opportunity to learn in an atmosphere that is unique, offering new and exciting challenges. 


Yoga instructors can offer their services for virtual yoga with kids, mom + baby workouts, prenatal, or otherwise! 


Retirement facilities are invited to create profiles so that our kids can share stories with the residents and show them their artwork. Together, we can teach our little ones how important it is to take care of the elderly. They have a lot to teach us, too. 

Create a profile, where you’ll be prompted to enter things you enjoy, who you’d like to connect with, what your families “superpower” is, and then you can connect with others to set up your video chats. Video chat is not supported on the site at this time, so you’ll have the freedom to decide on your video platform once you’ve set up your virtual get-together (FaceTime, Zoom, Skype etc…).

Please feel free to share to bring this opportunity to your loved ones, far and wide. 

We can’t wait to foster meaningful, lasting friendships with families + community members all over the world. Who’s with us?