Information about Sitterhood


As a mom, how often do you ask for help? The reality is that most moms with kids under the age of four, don’t. Whether it’s because they don’t want to be judged, they feel guilty for leaving their kids, they don’t want to be a burden on others or don’t have any support close by, moms today take on so much with so little support. But what if we had a community of parents around us that offered their help? Parents who get it. They’re not there to judge or make you feel guilty. Parents you can call when you need help watching your kids to go to an appointment, an interview, an emergency, or if you just want to take a little time for yourself. 

Sitterhood is a community of moms just like you, who understand the ups and downs of motherhood. It’s a place where you can connect with other moms for occasional childcare and build long-term friendships in the process. How do I know? Because I’m a mom just like you. I started Sitterhood out of my own struggle to find occasional childcare. It has helped me get to my doctor's appointments, hair appointments and get some much needed me-time, but more importantly it has connected me to so many of my mom friends. Sitterhood is more than a place to find occasional childcare, it’s where you find your village.

Sitterhood currently has Sitters available in Hamilton Ontario and some surrounding areas. Make sure to check back frequently as our community continues to grow. We hope you'll become part of our village


My family was new to a region and we kept finding that it was challenging to plug into a group of parents that could provide casual childcare support for our kids. As soon as we linked in with Sitterhood all our logistical problems with the kids and their appointments were solved. It was so refreshing to have an informal network of parents supporting each other in an honest way that was collectively driven by parents themselves. With Sitterhood we could feel at home and connected in our new community. - Rebecca

Sitterhood was a life saver for me. I don't have family in town so scheduling appointments around my two kids was a nightmare. Sitterhood allows me to connect with local moms or sitters quickly and efficiently. Speaking of that...I need to schedule date night! Off I go to - Rachale

Highly recommend Sitterhood. It was my first time leaving my child with someone other then family so I was a little nervous at first (ok alot nervous!). But Sitterhood was amazing from start to finish and put my fears to rest. Helped me connect to not only amazing sitters right in my community but ones that I could trust and feel comfortable leaving my son with. When I had a sequence of very important appointments to go to, Sitterhood was there for me and my son and took out all of the stress of finding a reliable, caring sitter right in my own neighbourhood! - Heather

Sitterhood is lifesaver! I work non-traditional hours so it is very difficult to find childcare. It’s really nice to have this network that supports moms (working and stay-at-home) with such a wonderful service. My two little ones had such an amazing time meeting and playing with new friends. I can’t wait to see this company grow, and I look forward to using Sitterhood again. Highly recommend it!Genevieve N.

I am always impressed with Sitterhood and have had nothing but positive experiences. I feel confident leaving my daughter with the Sitterhood care providers, as she is always asking to return. The online system for bookings and payment is user-friendly and makes the overall experience smooth. Thanks, Sitterhood! - Eleni