Information about Sitterhood


“Connecting Parents to Childcare, Community, Freedom and Friendship.”

As a new parent in a new city, I longed for friendship, support and a community to lean on. Above all, I needed a break and I knew moms everywhere would agree (I mean, we've all seen the wine o'clock memes. Motherhood is HARD!).

With that in mind, I created Sitterhood - A bridge between babysitting and sisterhood.

I dreamt of a genuine camaraderie amongst mothers who are non-judgemental, respectful of everyone’s parenting choices, understand the chaos that comes with little ones and care about supporting one another so we can all thrive.

Sitterhood delivers an experience unlike any other, catering to every stage of motherhood.

It's a place to find childcare close to home, whether it’s Sitters (for occasional care - Hellllooooo, date night ), locating a Home Daycare (for more consistent care - Bye-bye Mat Leave ) or finding parents in your community for Homeschooling support!

For those early days of motherhood (even before the babe is on the outside), we've got local Doulas for birth/postpartum support. And, we're always looking for new ways to help support you in your motherhood journey. Stay tuned for some exciting partnerships!

Come join Sitterhood because together we can build a beautiful & supportive journey for all moms. Here’s to friendships, freedom and thriving in Motherhood!



What is Sitterhood?

Sitterhood is more than just a place to find a babysitter. It's a place to experience sisterhood. Our goal is to bring the village back to the child. Motherhood can be a cold and lonely place, so we're aiming to provide the most important resources for every stage of your Motherhood journey. We have a collection of local Doulas to help with birthing and post-natal care. Occasional sitters for when you just need a break or have an appointment to get to. Home Daycares for when Mat Leave is over and it's time to get back to business. Local Homeschooling resources so you can be confident in knowing your littles are getting the education they need without the large class sizes. 

We also have The MILF (Mom I’d Like to Friend) Society, which will connect you with the mom friend you wish you had. Someone who may not only live in your neighbourhood and have a baby close in age, but other common interests too. Powered by Moms Hamilton, we are looking to help bring moms a great day amidst current isolating times. Join our non-judgemental community of like-minded mamas and meet a new friend today! 

We're continuously improving our services to help you thrive in Motherhood.

Are you an individual or business offering support services to parents?

Reach more parents by creating a listing with us! Your services must provide parents with support which helps make the parenting journey easier. Creating a listing is easy - subscribe to one of our plans, sign-up and create your listing. Parents interested in your services will get in touch with you through our private messaging system. Have questions? Email us at


It is up to you to vet and prescreen the users you contact. Whether it’s a babysitter, a home daycare, a doula or another parent, it is your responsibility to request identification and documentation for validation of their identity, credentials and  documentation such as police and vulnerable sector checks as well as First Aid and CPR certification.

Interview all caregivers online or over the phone before you meet them in person. Have a list of questions ready. Most importantly be sure to request and contact their references. (See suggested interview questions below for guidance) 

Do not give out any of your personal information (such as home address, phone number, credit card number, etc.) until you have vetted and prescreened your caregivers. Personal information should never appear in your profile. Please make sure you use an area (name of neighbourhood or postal code) when you provide your location. 

Sitterhood is an online marketplace where everyone can register. We do not screen our users. 


  1. Childcare providers/parents should discuss their current conditions (i.e. has anyone in their family been working outside of the home, how many people have they been in contact with recently, what safety measures are being taken, etc.) to ensure that they are comfortable with the level of exposure. 
  2. Wash hands frequently. Childcare providers and kids should wash their hands thoroughly before childcare services are provided and afterwards. 
  3. Childcare providers should wear a mask and follow the Public Health Agency’s recommendations to prevent the spread/contraction of the virus.
  4. Kids should be encouraged to keep their hands and toys out of their mouths. If kids are teething, they should be using their own teethers/toys.
  5. Kids should avoid playing with toys that don’t belong to them. 
  6. The number of items (i.e. diapers, wipes, toys, etc.) brought into a new space should be kept to a minimum and sanitized before and after childcare services have been provided.
  7. Childcare should not be provided if anyone in the family has a fever or any other symptoms of COVID-19. 

We’ll continue to update this page as more safety guidelines become available. 


  1. What is your parenting/caregiver style?
  2. How would you handle a child in your care that is misbehaving/having a tantrum?
  3. What are some of your favourite activities to do with kids?
  4. Is your home child proof? (Dangerous items out of reach, baby gates at top and bottom of stairs, unsafe items locked-up)
  5. Do you have a pool or trampoline? If yes, do you intend to use them when caring for children? 
  6. Have you had a Vulnerable Sector Check done in the last year?
  7. Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?
  8. How many people live in your home? Has anyone in your home been convicted of a crime?
  9. Who will be in your home while you are caring for the kids?
  10. Are you aware of the child care guidelines and regulations in your province? (i.e. maximum number of kids in your care at one time, maximum number of infants vs toddlers including your own kids)

Please email with any questions.